Our Youth and Adult Aquatic Programs are designed to help participants of all ages learn the fundamentals of aquatic skills and more! We offer a welcoming, comfortable and safe place for all ages. Our lessons are taught by experienced, certified instructors and focus on fundamental skills, improving swim strokes, learning water safety, and having fun in the water!

Swim classes are available for parents with infants 6 months and up, pre-school, youth, and adults. This setting provides a great environment for children and adults alike learning to swim. Private swim lessons one-on-one and semi-private lessons available also.

Too Your Health Spa provides the following Swim services:

Small Group Swim Lessons

Our Small Group Swim classes are never over booked. Parent will never find more than four children per swim instructor to ensure each child gets the most training and feedback to help make them better swimmers.  Every swimmer that completes a swim level graduates with a swim certificate of accomplishment.

Infant / Toddler

Almost 3









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