Dunnellon Spa IV                                      Silver&Fit®EXPERIENCE

Group Fitness Schedule                 Effective  March 1, 2015   (subject to change without notice)           

                          Monday                    Tuesday                    Wednesday                    Thursday                    Friday                    Saturday

8:00 AM          Water Aerobics             Aqua Zumba®            Water Aerobics               Aqua Zumba®          Water Aerobics

8:00 AM     ZUMBA® GOLD w/Angi                                

9:00 AM       Stretch & Strength           Fit Forever                Easy Does It                                                 

9:15 AM                                                                                                                                                                                Kick & Sculpt

9:30 AM        Water Aerobics          Water Aerobics             Water Aerobics            Water Aerobics          Water Aerobics

9:30 AM                                                                                                                                              Step Aerobics

10:00 AM         Step Combo         Silver Sneakers® Classic       Yoga I w/Tina      Silver Sneakers® Classic   Stretch and Strength         Zumba                               

11:00 AM         Water Aerobics                                           Water Aerobics

11:00 AM            Qi Gong                Pilates w/ Angi             Yoga II w/Tina                 Pilates w/Angi          Silver Sneakers® Yoga

11:30 AM                                                                                                                                                                              AQUA ZUMBA®

1:00 PM                                         ZUMBA® w/Lauren                                           ZUMBA® w/Angi                                

4:30 PM                                           YOGA w/Angi                                                   YOGA w/Angi

5:30 PM        Workout w/EM                                                Workout w/EM

5:45 PM                                           Cardio Sculpt                                                   Pure Strength 

6:00 PM                                         Water Aerobics                                                                             

6:30 PM      ZUMBA® w/Lauren                                         ZUMBA® w/Lauren        

6:45 PM                                                                                                                 ZUMBA® w/Lynn

Classes in BOLD have child care available. 

Workout w/EM: 60 min. with Master Trainer Em Coyer. Various upper/lower body and core workouts.

Pure Strength: 60 min. of toning and strengthing the entire body using weighted barbells, bands and body weight exercises.

Cardio Sculpt: Intervals of Cardio & weights for a heart pumping workout for the entire body.

Pilates: 60 min floor exercise employs controlled breathing during body weight movement to build core strength.

Stretch & Strength: 60 min. workout focusing on strength exercises & whole-body stretching.

Step Combo: 60 min. Combo Step & Hi-Low impact intermediate to advanced moves.

ZUMBA®: 60 min. exhilarating, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning cardio dance.

ZUMBA® GOLD: 45 min. Easy to follow, low impact version of the Latin insspired cardio dance workout.

AQUA ZUMBA® ENDORESED BY SILVER&FIT®: 60 min. in the water, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning cardio workout.

Yoga: 60 min. of yoga postures with emphasis on connecting movement, balance & breath. Open to beginners to advanced students.

Yoga 1: 60 min. Designed with the beginner in mind.  Emphasis will focus on the basic yoga postures.

Yoga 2: 60 min. Intermediate to advanced yoga poses with further emphasis on advanced movement, strength and balance.

Water Aerobics: 60 min. combination of light cardio activity, toning/resistance and stretching.

Step Aerobics: 60 min. of intermediate to advanced step training and floor work.

Easy Does It: 30 - 45 min. of light cardio activity. Good for Seniors and beginners.

Kick & Sculpt: 45 min. Intervals of Cardio Kickboxing and resistance training.

Qigong:  60 min. Helps generate internal energy as it restores and maintains optimum health.


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