Almost 3 Group Swim Lessons

Class Description

Classes are designed to start the process of making the child comfortable in the water and is in session two days per week for four weeks lasting 30 minutes per class. To improve swimming skills, sign up for a toddler program for kids age 1 to 3 years old. The toddler program is for toddlers who are ready to swim independently, and the goal is for the participants to enter into a survival float after being submerged into the water.

Class: Almost 3 Group Lessons

Program: Aquatics

Date: Jan-13-2014 to Feb-05-2014



Time: 12:00am-12:30pm

Days of Week: Monday & Wednesday

Class Duration: 30 minutes


Facility Location: Dunnellon Spa 4

Room: pool

Level: Beginner

Class Status: Closed

Season: Winter

Registration: Dec-16-2013 to Jan-12-2014


 Location Details

Spa 4 - Dunnellon

2174 W. Dunnellon Road

Dunnellon, FL 34433

For more information call



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